PUBLISHED 14 JUN 2018   

11+ Years of estate living has afforded me the following benefits:


  • Security - strict access control, CCTV monitoring, security guards on patrol 24-hours a day, electric perimeter fencing and a Security Committee where owners make recommendations regarding upgrades to the security system; mean that I feel safe, even in the midst of construction work and daily deliveries.
  • Aesthetics - strict rules pertaining to the upkeep of houses, townhouses, gardens and sidewalks by owners; and maintenance of communal areas by the Homeowners Association, ensure an estate that is neat and visually appealing. My guests always comment on just how beautiful the Estate looks!
  • Privacy - no door-to-door marketing is allowed in Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate.  This, combined with access control, ensure privacy to all residents.
  • Holiday at home - each estate has its own character.  Some cater for golfers, others offer a farm-like environment or focus on the equestrian community.  Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate offers free-roaming wildlife, lush natural vegetation, hiking and cycling trails, fishing, stables and game drives.  Communal tennis courts, jungle gyms and outdoor gym ensure that all members of the family are catered for.  I love spending December holidays at home - this is the time that I can truly enjoy the tranquility of Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate.
  • Platteland in the city - although an estate may form part of the greater metropolitan area, estate living offers the peacefulness of a platteland town.  Enter the estate and find children riding bicycles, families walking their dogs or neighbors chatting on the sidewalk.  Some estates offer conveniences such as schools, medical care and convenience stores inside, while others, such as Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate, are served by a convenience centre next to the estate entrance.  Having grown up in the Platteland, I love the fact that Woodland Hills offers the lifestyle I have grown up with, but with city conveniences just a short drive away!
  • Consistent property values - location, location, location!  Property values in well-managed residential estates remain consistent and may even grow amidst an economic downturn.  History has shown that property value in Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate has remained constant regardless of tough economic times.


Estate Living is not for everyone!

I find the house rules of Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate to be a blessing, while others might find them restrictive.  If one feels uncomfortable with the idea of having decions taken by the majority of owners, or has a lifestyle that might include any activity that is not allowed within a specific estate, then it is advisable not to opt for estate living.  Only invest in an estate, if you can identify with the character, systems and management offered.  For me, estate living offers more than I ever dreamt of!  I am head over heels for Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate - the place where I help turn dreams into REALTY!