PUBLISHED 19 APR 2018   

Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate has proven to be an Estate of note. Residents enjoy the benefits of state of the art security, an outdoor lifestyle close to nature, free-roaming wildlife, sound management and stable property values.


Why then, have we seen an increasing number of properties being offered for sale in this popular Estate?


The reasons why owners decide to sell their much loved home, include the following:


  • Scaling down for retirement.  Many Woodland Hills residents choose to retire in similar estates in areas such as Hartenbos and George.
  • Scaling up to accommodate a growing family.  Townhouses or smaller houses are offered for sale to enable residents to acquire a larger house on the Estate.
  • Empty-nesters scaling down.  Larger houses are offered for sale to enable residents to acquire a smaller house or townhouse within the Estate.
  • New job opportunities in other cities.  A rather large number of residents sell their properties to accept job offers in other cities or abroad.
  • Investors selling to re-invest their capital.
  • A limited number of residents sell their property to upscale to a larger property in other neighborhoods that offer larger houses at more affordable prices.


I believe it is fair to surmise that the majority of properties are offered for sale due to the circle of life and not due to economic pressure or dissatisfaction with the Estate itself.


To find your dream home; or to sell your property in Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate, call Retha on 0834510511.