Estate Agents are bound by the Code of Conduct of the Estate Agency Affairs Board.  However, adherence to this code of conduct is the minimum you should expect from your Estate Agent.

An Estate Agent who truly has your best interest at heart, will run the extra mile to make your selling experience unforgettable!

As seller, you should expect the following:

  1. Professional service and advice
    • A thorough listing of your property by the Estate Agent includes identification of any defects to the property; discrepancies with the approved building plans and possibilities for extension.
    • Advice on pricing the property to sell in the prevailing market.
    • Advice on ensuring your property is market ready.  Contractor referral if repairs are needed.
    • Good quality photographs to present your home at its best.
    • Marketing of the property and feedback on buyer reaction.
    • Negotiation of the offer to purchase to ensure a fair transaction that will serve the best interest of both seller and buyer.
    • Regular feedback on the progress of the transaction after the sale has been concluded.

  2. Integrity and punctuality
    You entrust your biggest asset to the Estate Agent. The least you could expect is:
    • Protection of your privacy.
    • Discretion in dealing with personal information pertaining to the sale of your property.
    • Respect for your schedule and responsibilities.
    • Attention to detail in presenting your property to potential buyers.
    • An effort to know and care for all members of your family, including pets and plants.


Real Estate is a people‚Äôs business. High achieving Estate Agents have a wide network of people eager to refer clients to him/her. They possess excellent negotiation skills and are able to see transactions through by efficiently dealing with problems that will inevitably arise. Top notch estate agents are creative problem solvers and have the respect and support of other professionals in the industry. 

Entrusting your pets, plants and plaster to the care of a respected Estate Agent, will not only free you from the hassles of dealing with buyers and negotiating a sale, but will allow you to focus on the next step: finding your own new dream home or travelling the world during your retirement!